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USPS Terms

Term Definition
BMC Bulk Mailing Center - USPS Mailing Facility that handles mail.
DDU Destination Delivery Unit - Your local Post Office that delivers your mail.
Delivery Confirmation A service in which the Post Office scans the package to the final delivery zip code.
Manifested (Postage Paid) Postage is applied to the mail piece and ready for induction into the U.S. Postal stream.
RPF Regional Processing Facility - These are UPS-MI Facilities where packages go after they are shipped before induction into the U.S. Postal Service.
SCF Sectional Center Facility - A USPS facility that handles mail.


USPS Event Codes

Events Code Definition
Electronic Shipping Info Received Indicates that UPS-MI uploaded the detailed Delivery Confirmation information to the USPS.
Acceptance USPS accepted the package and the USP-MI manifest has been scanned.

Package is enroute to the delivery unit.

Arrival at Unit Package has arrived at the delivery unit.
Refused Package refused by addressee.
Undeliverable as Addressed

Package is undeliverable as addressed due to a bad or incomplete address.

Addressee Unknown

Package addressee is unknown at that residence or incorrect address.
Forwarded Recipient has a forward order in effect and the package is being forwarded to the new address.
Attempted/Notice Left USPS attempted delivery and the package is larger than the mail receptacle or the area was not deemed as safe to leave the package.
Arrival at Pickup Point Customer has arranged for a pickup.
Missent USPS has missent the package and a delay is expected.
Return to Sender USPS has deemed the package as undeliverable for some reasons and the package is being returned to the sender.
Delivered Package has been delivered or the recipient has picked up the package from the USPS.


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