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Tracking Dates Do Not Include Weekends And Holidays Recognized By The U.S. Postal Service.

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PackageID: 3615032991
Sequence Number: 191030109193421070
Zip Code: 06830
Weight (lbs.): 0.4750

Delivery Confirmation Information

Delivery Confirmation Number: 92748999985330573056244803
Date/Time Event Name Location
15 Jan 2019 14:49 Package delivered by post office Greenwich, CT
15 Jan 2019 09:05 Package out for post office delivery Greenwich, CT
15 Jan 2019 08:55 Package sorted by post office Greenwich, CT
14 Jan 2019 18:34 Received by the post office Greenwich, CT
12 Jan 2019 04:09 Shipment Acceptance at PO Greenwich, CT
Date Description Location
Jan 12 2019 Package transferred to Post Office Greenwich, CT
Jan 11 2019 Package enroute to USPS for induction Edgewood, NY
Jan 11 2019 Package received by dest MI facility Edgewood, NY
Jan 10 2019 Package transferred to dest MI facility Carrollton, TX
Jan 9 2019 Package processed by UPS MI Carrollton, TX
Jan 8 2019 Package received for processing Carrollton, TX
Jan 8 2019 Shipment tendered to UPS MI Austin, TX
Jan 4 2019 Shipment information received

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